All That We Share

TV 2

There’s more that brings us together

than we think

All That We Share

The Problem

Creating a feeling of togetherness in a polarised world

TV 2 was born in 1988 as a challenger brand with a single task: To break the Danish TV monopoly. Over the years TV 2 grew to be the largest media company in Denmark and yet they were losing momentum, their challenger spirit – and customers.

Insight: We have more in common than what separates us

To reclaim the role of challenger, TV 2 needed to apply the challenger spirit to their new position as a market leader. The creative strategy was to take on the role of a public service provider with the goal of supporting the cohesiveness in society by building on universal human insights.

All That We Share


An emotional narrative

Our solution was to challenge the popular notion, that we are different, by – not telling, but showing that deep down we are essentially alike. The film is based on a real experiment. The cast are real people who never met before. They became part of an experience that resonated within the group, but also in the whole of Denmark and round the world.

The concept of campaign video was activated in different ways, Eg. in an employee engagement happening where posters of people having surprising things in common were posted in the headquarters of TV 2 and in the channel design in TV 2.

All That We Share


The power of storytelling

The film resonated in Denmark, but also across the world. It was translated into more than 30 languages.

68% of the Danes acknowledge TV 2’s new position after only a few months, and an overall belief in the message “we have more in common than what separates us” rose by 27%. The video had +393 million views and $+96 million in earned media exposure.

Awards & Recognition

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