Makes Difficult Easy

Vipps MobilePay

Collecting money

with effortless ease

Makes Difficult Easy

The challenge

Dare to stand out

In a finance and technology market full of rational, sensible advertising, Vipps MobilePay dares to stand out to build brand strength.

Head of Brand & Marketing Lars Istre: “Our first and foremost goal with this campaign is to strengthen our brand. Having a strong brand isn’t just something we talk about in the marketing department; It’s part of our company goals. Brand strength is critical for our financial and strategic success."

Makes Difficult Easy

You know the feeling. Someone has to volunteer to collect money for the kids’ summer camp and no one steps forward. But Vipps MobilePay is on a mission to make the dreaded gig very, very easy.

The feeling of effortless ease instantly takes our hero, and our audience, to gymnastics heaven. From an Olympic level floor routine to dazzling tricks on the horizontal bar. The idea vaults Vipps MobilePay out of the rational, feature-driven clutter of fintech and instead unfolds a spectacular show of effortless confidence.

The idea and execution results in something as rare as an engaging and shareable ad for money transactions. The effortless ease of the gymnastics routine rubs off on the audience and puts a smile on your face, just like the easiness of Vipps MobilePay.