15 Awards for 11 clients
Agency of the year
15 Awards for 11 clients
Agency of the year

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A.P. Moller – Maersk

Transforming a 125-year-old giant

into a light-footed challenger

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The Problem

Changing the course of a supertanker

Being the undisputed world leader in ocean shipping, Maersk set out on a new course to become an all-the-way logistics company. Not an easy journey. We’re talking about a much more fragmented market with complex decision-making processes. By providing the vision that “shipping a container across the world should be as easy as sending a parcel as a consumer”, Maersk set out to revolutionise logistics, putting the customer where they always should’ve been: In the centre.

Insight: Logistics managers have ambitions too.

To most companies, logistics is the department of bad news and unforeseen problems. But by offering new digital tools, full transparency, and transportation across air, land, and sea, Maersk aims to transform logistics into the department of opportunities and future growth. Going all the way with Maersk might finally enable logistics managers to move into the C-suite.

Discover the Upside

The Solution

Let’s turn the world upside down

Maersk was about to offer a utopian world compared to the dystopia logistics managers face every day. So, why not invite them to visit this enchanted land where supply chains run uninterrupted from one transportation to the next? The hero film took its cue from Alice spiralling into Wonderland, for the first time experiencing the magic of a world upside down.

A first-ever LinkedIn hack allowed Maersk to create posts upside down, and thousands of employees flipped their profile pictures. In headquarters, furniture was glued to the ceiling, making it impossible not to look up and take in the upside.


The campaign was designed to affect both Approvers (C-suite) and Buyers (Logistics executives). That required a diverse media approach from CNN over social media with extra emphasis on LinkedIn and included trade press for details. With a world audience and a need for speed, every step of the funnel was put to work.

Discover the Upside

The Results

  • VTR at 48% against the industry benchmark at 25%
  • Nearly 228.5 million global views
  • 2.7 million reactions
  • Perception of Maersk as an all-the-way logistics provider among key target groups is changing at a much higher level than expected