15 Awards for 11 clients
Agency of the year
15 Awards for 11 clients
Agency of the year

The Indoor Generation


A breath of fresh air

works wonders

The Indoor generation

The Problem

The new natural habitat of humans

Velux wanted to increase awareness of the importance of daylight and fresh air. The main objective of the campaign was to start a global conversation about bad indoor environments. They also wanted to encourage people as well as other stakeholders like architects, politicians, and health organizations to get involved and consider daylight and fresh air (rooftop windows) as an important part of home improvement projects.

Insight: We spend most of our lives indoors.

We chose to build the campaign on the fact that people in the Western world spend approx. 90% of our lives indoors. In other words, we have gone from being part of nature to being apart from nature. This is a surprising fact and a stunning insight into the way we live our lives today – and it’s a great gateway to explaining how a lack of daylight and fresh air makes us ill. In fact, millions of homes are downright unhealthy to live in.

It's a highly complex issue and in order to create awareness and activate people, we had to make it relevant to all of us. We wanted people to be able to recognize themselves as part of The Indoor Generation.

The Indoor generation

The Solution

A global conversation about the indoor climate

The Indoor Generation became the new, global communication platform for Velux and has succeeded in creating global awareness of how the indoor environment affects your health and well-being.


A hero film distributed across online and TVC rapidly generated a massive reach. The objective to start a global conversation was accelerated through efforts within PR, events, and a campaign website.

The Indoor generation

The Results

The campaign managed to engage NGOs, politicians, industry stakeholders, and consumers across 41 countries. It became the best UK-performing paid partnership video in 2018 and raised the bar from a classic customer-centric campaign to being ‘human-centric‘ transcending and activating both BTB and BTC segments. Across the four main European markets, awareness of the importance of indoor climate increased by 9-13%. More importantly, we saw a 10% lift in people, who would prioritize daylight and fresh air among the top 3 things to focus on when improving their home.

  • +110 million views – 47% organic
  • 50% view-through rate on native video
  • 1.5 million shares – 1 per second first week
  • Best performing branded video in UK in 2018
  • Generated more than 2450 pieces of press coverage (published articles)
  • Estimated advertising value € 5.1 million
  • 12% increase in awareness

Awards & Recognition

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