15 Awards for 11 clients
Agency of the year
15 Awards for 11 clients
Agency of the year

Made from cool

Jack & Jones

Ambition and courage

knitted perfectly together

Made from Cool

The Problem

Moving from high-street to high-fashion cool

Jack & Jones is a Danish clothing retailer with a global presence, primarily known for affordable clothing. Now, they wanted to revitalize the brand by launching a PREMIUM Collection – garments made with incredible attention to detail.

The brief in one line was “create the world’s best campaign – never before seen”.

Insight: To become cool, lean on cool.

It’s not easy to go from high-street to high-fashion coolness. You need a carrier that knows how to open the right doors. So, the insight was not so much the messaging itself as much as the person delivering the message. That person needed top-level coolness.

Made from Cool

The Solution

Let's go for ultimate cool

If you don’t ask, the answer is always no. So, we asked The Coolest Man on Planet Earth, Oscar-nominated actor Christopher Walken – and he said yes.

In a 360-degree campaign made bespoke for Mr. Walken, we could get our message about quality, detail, and coolness through in a never-before-seen way.


All components were stitched together for one goal; to get influencers, fashionistas, and bloggers to write about the brand and share the message of Quality – Detail – Coolness. So, we were cutting the media budget and spending the money on cast and production to get a high viral impact among bloggers, trendsetters, and fashionistas.

Made from Cool

The Results

  • Millions of organic views on YouTube
  • Jack & Jones got featured on more than 75 men’s fashion blogs and other websites covering fashion, style, design, pop culture, creativity, luxury living, and online cultures

Awards & Recognition

  • Eurobest 2014

    Eurobest 2014


  • Cannes Lions 2014

    Cannes Lions 2014


  • D&AD 2014

    D&AD 2014


  • Epica 2014

    Epica 2014


  • The One Show 2014

    The One Show 2014


  • New York Festivals 2014

    New York Festivals 2014


  • Clio Awards 2014

    Clio Awards 2014


  • Creative Circle Award 2014

    Creative Circle Award 2014


  • The True Award 2014

    The True Award 2014