15 Awards for 11 clients
Agency of the year
15 Awards for 11 clients
Agency of the year

The Lift


Get their attention by getting

inside their heads

The Lift

The Problem

Taking affordable footwear to the next level

Affordable footwear makes up a rather bland category in Denmark. But that’s no place for Bianco shoes who have always insisted on standing out through socially relevant ads. The objective was to create an awareness campaign that would emotionally resonate by offering a new insight into people’s lives, and this way increase consideration rate.

Insight: We’re stuck in life, when we are stuck in our heads.

During our initial research, we found that most people tend to overthink situations to such a degree that it holds them back in life. We analyse, ruminate, and think the same thoughts on repeat. Bianco wanted to challenge this trend, as it has more than likely been fueled, in part, by the fashion industry

The Lift

The Solution

The conversation that never happened

In a film set entirely within the confines of a lift, we follow two people who fall in love in each other, without the other ever knowing. We gain insight into their thoughts by way of subtitles. They plot and scheme ways to break the ice, without ever opening their mouths. And that quickly becomes the central conflict. Their overthinking holds them from acting on their desires. The film is an intimate, and often awkward, portrait of thoughts standing in the way of moving ahead.


With a nearly 5-minute-long hero video as the absolute centerpiece, this campaign was set to engage emotionally through social media, supplied by a few magazine ads and in-store materials.

The Lift

The Results

Rarely do people call for a sequel to an ad, but in this case they did. The hero film was only allocated a media budget for Denmark and Norway, but it managed to travel much further on its own.

  • 16.9 million video views on Facebook and YouTube (50% stayed all 5 minutes)
  • 430,000 reactions
  • Shared more than 180,000 times on Facebook alone
  • Organic reach on Bianco’s own Facebook posts amounted to 23%

Awards & Recognition

  • Cannes Lions 2019

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