15 Awards for 11 clients
Agency of the year
15 Awards for 11 clients
Agency of the year

What's Truly Scandinavian?


It takes travellers

to build a national identity

What’s Truly Scandinavian?

The Problem

Premium brands need extra emotional bonding

The existence of a premium brand like Scandinavian Airlines is based on the premise of customers’ willingness to pay more to fly SAS. Brand studies had identified the associations needed to increase this willingness. And much to everybody’s surprise, the main driver wasn’t more fast tracks, wider seats, or sweeter drinks. It was a feeling of community. Scandinavians want to feel connected by mindset. This 8th campaign of the ’We are Travellers’-platform was designed to strengthen this emotional bond.

Insight: Nothing is purely Scandinavian.

What’s Truly Scandinavian?

The Solution

Celebrating the true heritage of everything we consider ours

This campaign was all about encouraging travellers to keep venturing out into the world, so that Scandinavia can become even more Scandinavian – with a little help from the rest of the world. Because when we travel, we bring our best thoughts and ideas to others, and in return take some of theirs home. Over time, they become ours too. But that also means that nothing is ours alone. We’re interconnected, and all things good love to travel. Just like us. The hero film proved how our highly prized democracy is of Greek descent, our favourite sweet liquorice from China, and our precious ‘smørrebrød’ origins from Holland.


The video spread like wildfire when it was launched on social media channels. It did divide opinions within Scandinavia and especially abroad – and in an already polarised world, its core message struck an emotional nerve. It really got people to react – some negatively, but most importantly the SAS core audience showed a lot of love and support towards the message.

What’s Truly Scandinavian?

The Results

The campaign reached much higher awareness than usual among SAS’ traveller audience across all markets. Especially Sweden and Denmark showed a substantial increase in ad liking compared to the benchmark.

  • 14,000% higher Facebook engagements during the campaign's initial 13 days compared to previous campaigns
  • 16,000% higher YouTube engagements during the campaign's initial 13 days compared to previous campaigns
  • It also became one of the world’s most-awarded campaigns during 2021

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