15 Awards for 11 clients
Agency of the year
15 Awards for 11 clients
Agency of the year

The DNA Journey


Finding humanity

in a glob of spit

The DNA Journey

The Problem

What ties us together in a diversified world?

As a global independent travel metasearch engine, Momondo offers a digital platform where travelers can search destinations, prices, and travel time fast and easily. Momondo is founded on the purpose ‘to bring courage’ and encourage each of us to stay curious and be open-minded so we can all enjoy a better, more diversified world.

Momondo asked us to bring their purpose to life, generate a real social impact and distinguish them in a crowded market, thereby also increasing Momondo’s Excess Share of Voice globally.

Insight: Most of us are more global than we think.

A global study showed that 48% of us think, that we’ve become less tolerant towards other cultures. But it also showed that 76% of people believe that traveling makes us look more positively on differences and diversity. Seeing the world is opening yourself to the world. Moreover, traveling runs in our blood. Looking into our ancestral past with the help of a DNA test will show that our bloodline is a river of streams uniting from across the globe.

The DNA Journey

The Solution

Come join the DNA Journey!

We created a completely new way of travelling. A DNA Journey, where you didn’t get to decide the destination. Your DNA did.

We invited people from all over the world to talk about their nationality – on how they viewed themselves and others. Then we asked them to take a DNA test that showed where their ancestors originated, 500-2000 years back. The – often surprising – results had people realise that they’ve more in common with the world than they thought.

The event was turned into a hero film that invited viewers to take a test with the chance of winning a real-life DNA Journey, taking them to every place their ancestors had been traced.


The campaign tapped into strong social contexts and had creative hero content with the potential to spark real emotion – the perfect cocktail for social sharing and PR. We ran the campaign on social media, creating a spike in attention and virality for a very short period. We then used the global attention and conversion for a massive PR push in mainstream media, creating additional global reach and trust around our core message.

The DNA Journey

The Results

The hero film indeed managed to unite people. Launched through social media only, it quickly inspired sharing. The campaign generated an earned media value of USD 160.2 million leading to a total return on media investment of 213 (value USD 160.2 million / budget USD 0.75 million).

  • The hero video has reached 1 billion people across the globe
  • Over 500 million views and counting
  • 14.8 million shares and comments
  • 8% increase in global penetration
  • 2% increase in global market share

Awards & Recognition

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