15 Awards for 11 clients
Agency of the year
15 Awards for 11 clients
Agency of the year

The Arrivals


Coming home is sometimes

the best part of travelling

The Arrvals

The Problem

Another great stride in a long run

SAS didn’t set out to turn something around but to continue their journey.

A key driver of willingness-to-pay for SAS was identified with the development of the brand platform 5 years earlier: Not fast-track. Not shopping. Not wider seats or better meals. The community feeling is what ties SAS travelers together.

They know the world and feel local in many places. Now it was time to explore different sides of this feeling and investigate what traveling does for you as a person. Every journey has a mental aspect to it; new experiences and new places spawn new ideas that we bring back.

Insight: Going places, takes us places.

‘The Arrivals’ was the 7th brand campaign under the ‘We Are Travelers’ platform, but only the second to include a social dimension. Previous campaigns had been executed with a more traditional distribution mindset.

The arrival hall is a magical place, where the ’changed you’ re-enters the world, that you left behind for a while

The Arrivals

The Solution

Capturing moments in the arrival hall

With three special building towers featuring one-way mirrors and four days of filming in the arrival hall, we observed authentic footage of travelers reuniting with their loved ones.

Based on this footage, we developed a brand campaign distributed through television as well as a variety of social media channels.

”Simple yet deeply affecting way of conveying what travelling is all about”

The Arrivals

The Results

The response was overwhelming: More than 40 million views, incl. a 74% organic reach on Facebook, 1.1 million social reactions + more than 250,000 shares on Facebook.

We exceeded all initial campaign-KPI’s, confirming that the film resonated – and SAS received its highest liking ever for a campaign. Amongst our target audience, 47% responded that SAS is ”an airline worth paying more for” – driving price-premium 12-percentage-points above our original goal across all three markets.

With a total score of 57%, the original image-effect goal was exceeded by 7%.

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