15 Awards for 11 clients
Agency of the year
15 Awards for 11 clients
Agency of the year

The Driving Test


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The Driving Test

The Problem

Driving insurance safely to top of mind

Danish insurance company Codan wanted Danish drivers to take better care in traffic. Mainly to save them from physical and mental damage – but yes, it’s good for business too. But insurance is a low-interest product. In fact, people will do a great deal to avoid engaging with messages from an insurance company. So how do you make unwanted communication stand out?

Insight: Most Danes consider themselves great drivers.

Analysis showed that a staggering 73% of Danish drivers believed themselves to drive better than the average driver. And 83% felt sure they would pass a driver’s test any day. So, we thought: Why not put all this magnificent self-confidence to the test?

The Driving Test

The Solution

Reality is the best teacher

We gathered 15 experienced drivers and tested their practical and theoretical skills. We then offered the rest of Denmark to partake in the experiment by uploading the theoretical test to our website. Let’s just say that this sounds a lot easier than it was. Not for us. But for the drivers.


Three comms layers were crafted: Entertainment, driving traffic to site, and product comms.

We created a campaign promoting Codan’s car insurance, that had the ambition to not only increase Top of Mind (TOM) of the brand, but also to increase knowledge of rules and behavior on the Danish roads to make them safer.

The Driving Test

The Results

This was the most effective campaign in the history of Codan with a ROI of 5.2.

  • 280,000 took our test, spending an impressive 9 minutes and 32 seconds on average
  • Campaign videos had more than 7 million views with 32% organic reach
  • 450,000 visited Codan’s site
  • 217 pieces of press coverage from TV, radio, digital, newspapers, and dailies

Awards & Recognition

  • Danish Digital Award 2020

    Danish Digital Award 2020