15 Awards for 11 clients
Agency of the year
15 Awards for 11 clients
Agency of the year

The Fake Investor

The Danish Patent and Trademark Office

An invisible threat

can open people’s eyes

The Fake Investor

The Problem

Are you the only one that owns your identity?

We live in a world where anything can be copied. Yet patents and trademarking are way down on the list of priorities for most startups – making their livelihood particularly vulnerable to fraud and replication. We set out to create an awareness campaign for the Danish Patent and Trademark Office to remind specifically smaller start-ups of the risks they face.

Insight: Deepfake is invisible to the eye.

We’re used to trusting what we see. But in this time and age, you can no longer trust that a familiar face isn’t a fake. This is hard to grasp. It feels so uncomfortable and unbelievable that we decided to prove it.

The Fake Investor

The Solution

What you see is not what you get

To bring awareness to this issue, the Danish Patent and Trademark Office, a fairly anonymous governmental institution, partnered with one of the most prominent voices within the Danish startup scene. At first sight, Mia Wagner, a successful investor – and prominent member of the investors’ panel on the Danish version of the hit show ’Shark Tank’ –, educated startups on the importance of trademarking. Only to reveal halfway through the film, that she herself was in fact a replica.

A mind-blowing twist made possible through the use of advanced deepfake AI technology.


The hero film was designed to spur emotion, share, and feed discussion. We aimed for news media to pick up the story, and they did.

The Fake Investor

The Results

  • Online inquiries more than doubled: +115%
  • +93% email permissions
  • +38.25% engagement rate on LinkedIn
  • +70% phone inquiries
  • +89.34% website traffic beating all KPIs
  • +440% engagement in Intellectual Property Rights-test

Awards & Recognition

  • Creative Circle Award 2021

    Creative Circle Award 2021


  • Danish Digital Award 2021

    Danish Digital Award 2021